The Adventures of Jacked Thomas the Tank Engine

This is basically all I want to draw from now on, sorry

Worked with a client to make this nostalgic loop for a gaming-focused YouTube channel! Wanted to make it cozy and ambient. The full 4K version looks really good. :3 Check it out on the channel when it launches!


I updated some original characters I made in third grade. Bios:

Korbin: the only Phazit made up of 100% pure Blue Energy, which he can wield in the form of electricity and other natural forces. He still struggles to effectively use his powers.

Goman: one of the first Phazits to arrive on planet Daycrome, he can manipulate gravity in a variety of ways, such as propelling himself through the air or altering the planet’s gravitational pull in localized areas.

Dubop: rounding out the Trio is Dubop, who channels her sound control powers through a device resembling a six-stringed electric guitar.

I really connected with an old drawing of a “lumberjack” monster I drew in 6th grade (around 2003 or 2004 I think) and wanted to do a winter scene that conveyed the otherworldly stillness of a dark snowy day, and the gentle, fun-loving personality of a powerful, ax-wielding bipedal creature.

So I did! I hope someone is drawn to it the way the concept resonated with me. You can see the original childhood sketch above as well as selections from the painting process in Photoshop.

Made a quick (or at least, what I hoped’d be quick) drawing of Jaymi in her Countersuit replica.

Drawing shoes is always scary, so I cropped them out.

Hope the quick (sigh) background I added works. I needlessly fussed over it.

Uploading this in the right colors was a pain. Using sRGB in Photoshop is a pain. The fact that some websites use generic RGB profiles over sRGB is a pain, even though sRGB is supposed to be the standard. It's right there in the "s." It's all a pain.

Anyhow, superheroes all the time lately. I'm reading Secret Wars 'cause it's actually a good Marvel comic (few and far inbetween), and then I decided to catch up on Spider-Gwen. Turns out it's also a good Marvel comic. Fanart! I hope the cold, gray snowy mood comes through in this piece. I like painting, but I don't have a ton of practice still. I guess that's what this is! Wooo

As (most) always (sometimes), I included some process stuff.

When they announced Laura Kinney (X-23) was gonna be the new Wolverine, I just had to update my account avatar on GAF for the first time in 2 and a half years. I decided to go a little less lazy with the art this time.

WOLVERINE!! She looks so cool.

So I finished the poster. Lol. A little later than I expected to, but whatevs. I drew new full-figure character art for the side because I weren't no longer feelin' the one I was gonna use. I made a time lapse gif that'll take you through the art process. (Click on it to make it smaller.) I also put together a vector logo in Illustrator. That was fun.

I guess all I can say right now is I decided to make a narrative-driven webcomic! Pretty nervous. I might not do it in color and just have black and white values, but we'll see. We'll seeeee. The suit is super complicated, and my writing and art ain't that great, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I'll get better by making a webcomic.

I mean, I'll probably simplify that suit a little. We'll seeeeeeee. Again.

And with this drawing of an angry goat-man, my 2-year-long “Cyber the Hero” pilot script character art project is finally finished. I’d like to thank everyone involved. Especially you, Graduation and Unemployment.

It’s crazy how long this took and crazy how lazy I was in completing it. It blows my mind how much has changed since January 2013, when I wrapped that first drawing of the main character. I now observe the animation script I wrote back then as derivative, ingratiating, problematic malarkey, and if I ever do push forward with this world, that pilot’s gonna need a pretty major overhaul. But in the meantime, I now have this scintilla of closure– the fact that a project I started when I was at my least productive point is now finished in one of the MOST productive periods of my life. Even though I’m now a different person (to say the least), and I kinda missed the deadline to add these character pix to the pilot script I wrote in January 2013 and show it to everyone I knew AND design an awesome character bio poster to hang in my old basement apartment, it feels good to have this stupid thing that’s been hanging over my head for 2+ years in the bin.

Another goal I had back then was to not change my art style in the process of drawing all these characters. Failed that one.

I’m actually going to put together that bio compilation poster tomorrow. Don’t know if I’ll order an actual poster, but there you go. I’ll also have more to say about this story/world/concept altogether, and my thoughts on continuing it. I’ll touch mostly on the “furry” issue and how everything I’ve ever, EVER made has its roots in a 1999 preoccupation with Sonic the Hedgehog, World Industries, and Pokémon. My position on catering to the anthro crowd changes by the hour, but I still don’t know if I like this story anymore. Derivative, male-centric, and aimless and all that.

But like I said, more to come. Check out Tumblr tomorrow.

I don't usually post comics on my site, but this one took forever so I thought I'd post some process stuff. I made layers and groups for everything so I could easily manipulate it after the fact, but geez did everything take 3 times longer. Gonna have to figure out a faster way to color than just using gradient overlays.

It was based on this tweet by ibid which made me laugh:

Here’s some process shots of the bus girl drawing, if you’re interested in that kinda thing. Also, you can see my desktop…! Hope you’re interested in the five extra E’s I added to my name in the top corner!!!

You can also see roughly how long this took if you look close! Answer: way too long! Way WAY too long!

First log post I guess. New Carbonmade feature, so I guess I don't need an "update" button anymore. Messed around with digital painting today and painted myself. Lot of trial and error, and I did it at a super low resolution so... not much detail. Was just experimenting TBH