The Phazit Trio! (cw from top: Goman, Korbin, & Dubop)

Adobe Photoshop. ©2016

Korbin the Phazit.

Adobe Photoshop. ©2014

Thaunt, a villager from Nuvares Harbor. Adobe Photoshop. ©2014

FLTR: Rezamint, a councilor of Nuvares Harbor; Shimint, another councilor seemingly sympathetic to Thaunt; and Malant, Thaunt’s elderly master and the last protector of Nuvares Harbor. Adobe Photoshop. ©2014

Gray Korbin. When Korbin’s allegiances start to change, his appearance shifts as well. This is the most extreme form.

Adobe Photoshop. © 2014

Skorbin the Zaphit.

Adobe Photoshop. ©2014

More characters designs for "Phazits," an animated series pilot.

When a three-headed skeleton attacks a young harbor-dweller and kills her master, a mysterious spherical being appears out of nowhere and defeats the monster. Despite being unable to recall who he is and where he came from, the being is heralded by the rest of the nearby village as the angelic protector spoken of in legends. He soon discovers incredible powers on a quest to find an almighty object hidden somewhere in the harbor region–the very same object the skeleton was looking for…